Innovation is an idea in action! Prof. Hans-J├╝rgen Quadbeck-Seeger

innospec is a young company representing over 10 years’ experience in several industries markets and have managed various international projects. We are living an open culture in communication with clients & partners to create a new comfort zone in success area. innospec has expert insights in Healthcare leading several integration projects of startups successful into leading industry companies based on market research, consulting and prototyping.

innospec strength lies in its understanding of the two scientific & business worlds and ability to deal with these challenges. We are able to speak and translate the language of scientists and business managers to create a unique & creative platform of constructive communication and inspiring interaction for new innovations.

Portfolio & Performance Spectrum

Transfermanagement Portfolio


Big companies struggling in growth being slow down in creativity and new IPs by several aspects as legal, regulatory, compliance and cultural closed for reverse thinking. That´s only a short and high-level summary, why big players are trying to invest in small companies like startups & spinoffs. They are creating artificial magnets for startups with incubator platforms or finance competitions, but generating no real impact in their own product pipelines or company restructuring.

Both “worlds” just speaking different languages! 

innospec was founded in 2018 with the vision to serve as a business link between industry and start-ups & scientists by offering its focused expertise, extensive experience and wide network to guide scientists, researchers, start-ups and spin-offs through the complexities of international companies` environment. innospec is dedicated to helping these both parties successfully break down barriers and establish their operations & new business in a timely and cost effective manner. innospec is culturally sensitive and results oriented, dedicated to bringing about the best outcome for our clients and helping them to realize their business goals

Transfermanagement Projects


Tracking Diseases and Pharmaceuticals with Gold

A precision X-ray procedure is designed to detect cancer earlier and to improve the development and control of drugs. This has now been done by the research team headed by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Florian Grüner from the Department of Physics of the University of Hamburg reports in the journal "Scientific Reports". A test of the so-called X-ray fluorescence for this application at the DESY research light source PETRA III has been promising. The method therefore offers the prospect not only to carry out such X-ray examinations more accurately, but also more gently than with previous methods. The idea behind the method is simple: tiny gold nanoparticles are peppered with antibodies. These nanoparticles would be injected into a patient. The particles travel through the body, with the antibodies docking on any existing tumors. Scanning the patient with a hair-thin X-ray beam, the gold particles fluoresce and emit characteristic X-ray signals recorded by a special detector. As a result, it would be possible to detect the smallest tumors that cannot be found with current methods or that revolutionize the pharmacokinetics of drug research. innospec accompanies this team and has already engaged international pharmaceutical companies in research assignments.


Cooperation with Universities

innospec maintains a strong network with universities such as the University of Hamburg (UHH) and Magdeburg (OvGU), in particular in the fields of Accelerator Physics Group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Institute of Medical Technology. With the knowledge of new IPs, publications or projects from universities, innospec connects science with potential industry partners for contract research or product integration.

Market Research Portfolio


Market research and data analytics

For the benefit and focus of our clients, innospec brings in own knowledge/experience, connects specialists as well as providing access to a wider group of companies and other partners. Our offer covers the breadth of techniques and technologies, from purchase and media data to predicting long term trends; from neuroscience to exit polls; from large scale quantitative studies to qualitative research, incorporating ethnography and semiotics.

Market research and data analytics supported with qualified and/or quantified interviews or questionnaires

Our Market analysis is about who plans to act as a market participant in a relevant market. Market participants are economic operators who, as suppliers (companies, public authorities, private households), sell a certain product or service or want to acquire them as customers (companies, authorities, private households). In order to make sales or purchase decisions, market participants need to evaluate information from market analysis. For example, a consumer must know and evaluate the number of suppliers and their price, quality and delivery deadlines in order to obtain the necessary market transparency for their decision. In addition, the financing of the purchase price plays an equal role. In contrast, a spontaneous purchase is usually preceded by little or no market analysis.

In modern companies, market analyzes are increasingly carried out by means of ERP software. Above all, the challenge is to be able to respond to the changes that are rapidly emerging in the market today in order to remain competitive through strategic decisions. For this reason, our focus is increasingly placed on mobile solutions to have the greatest possible flexibility.

Market Research Projects


Supporting CHAMPP

innospec created the market research “Offering the next generation of brilliant x-ray sources to science and industry” for the EU-Project CHAMPP by providing interview partners in leading positions from international medical imaging companies and a deep dive of Free-Electron-Laser (FEL) Technology.

Consulting Portfolio


Our definition of consulting is a new way of knowledge transfer and has its focus of bringing people with new products, just visions or even an IP together with companies searching for their next growth. We define this as Transfermanagement. Our mission with Transfermanagement is to create a success zone of start-ups and spin-off companies with Investors or leading industries by advanced consulting, project management & implementation to link both into the effect of new product portfolio or company structure to generate the next growth.

Consulting Projects


New generation of 3D Technology for Displays

Easy3D GmbH holds patents for a 3D screen-solution used without glasses. innospec advised leading management in creating market adopted business plans and optimizing internal communication between R&D and Operational Management.

Prototyping Portfolio


  1. Finishing first ideas & projects in prototyping
  2. Project management
  3. First Investments


Our prototyping can be classified in the service design process, but has not to be the limit, if clients asked for added parts driven by IT or technology. It allows a visualization of the idea. Prototypes already possess the essential characteristics of the final service or product. This gives users the opportunity to "experience" the service or product for the first time, and the concept, value and functionality become verifiable. Thus, it can be tested early on whether the service or product is understood, whether it is needed and where there are weak points, without having already completed the service. Commonly used methods of prototyping are mockups, storyboards, scenario analyzes and Wizard-of-Oz applications. Blomkvist and Holmlid (2010), however, suggest that a prototype can be almost anything as long as a useful feature of the service idea is presented.

Prototyping Projects


1st App to detect radiation dose

HOTRAY Ldt providing the first real Radiation dose monitoring APP for smartphone in App-Stores called “RadioactivityCounter”. It was successful tested from several institutes and industry laboratories as an alternative to industry Geiger-Müller-counter or dosimeter (analog/digital). innospec is supporting development and creating business plans for market access of this digital prototype.


1st digital dosimeter for occupational dose WIP

MEDI-OPT GmbH holds patent for a digital solution of a dosimeter, which will pass technical certification to fulfill legal occupational dose by PTB to exchange analog film dosimeter. innospec supports the development and creating business plans for market access of this digital prototype.


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